Bitzer 362204-01 (PI 1008 MIC 25)

Replacement for Bitzer Oil Filter Applicable With HSN/HSKC Low Temperature Screw Compressor Units

Bitzer Oil filter
362204-01 Bitzer Filter

Type: External Oil Filter

Size(mm): Standard or Customized

Model Number: 362204 Series

Applicable Models:HSN/HSKC Low Temperature Screw Compressor

 Media: Lube Oil

Filter Core Material: Fiber

Inner Frame Material: Carbon Steel

Brand: Welfame / Elite

Filtration Accuracy: 30μm

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

MOQ: 1 Piece

Warranty: 1 year  

Upper End Cap  +  Lower End Cap  +  Inner Frame  +  Filter Layer

Upper and lower end caps: The carbon steel is shaped and galvanized by stamping. The zinc layer is fine and uniform, without
peeling, and has excellent corrosion resistance.

Inner frame: carbon steel, butt-arc welding, galvanizing, to ensure the zinc layer is fine and uniform, no peeling, peeling and ot
her phenomena, excellent corrosion resistance.

Filter layer: The imported wooden paddle fiber material is used, which has good impregnation and high tear resistance. The filter
layer is formed by wave-folding of the corrugator. The wave-reducing process greatly improves the dirt holding capacity, and its
anti-pressure and anti-backlash ability is better, and the filtering accuracy is more stable. Environmental protection, but notreusable.

Adhesives are high- and low-temperature-resistant two-component high-quality epoxy resin adhesives, which can be used in
various freezing oils at minus 40-110 ºC.

Process: Adhesive process.

Filter media: impurities and pollutants in the lubricant.

Refrigerant and refrigerating oil resistance, its filtration accuracy and pressure drop meet the standard requirements,
which can effectively control the cleanliness of refrigerating oil.

The external oil filter 362201-06 is placed in a casing. When the pressure drop of the oil filter exceeds the given
value, it indicates that the filter is dirty and must be replaced.

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