Fabrication Scope:

By Application Fields: Refrigeration Filter, Natural Gas Filter, Steel Mill Filter, Mining Filter, Petrochemical Filter, Marine Filter, Textile Filter, Dry Gas Seal Filter
By Function: Oil Filter, Hydraulic Filter, Air Filter, Water Filter
By Structure: Pleated Cartridge Filter, Wound Filter, Sintered Filter, Filter Bag, Disc Filter, Plate Filter

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Xinxiang Welfame Industrial Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service, focusing on providing customers with the cost-effective products and the professional filtration system solutions. The company is located in The Filtration Hub Town, Xinxiang China. The company has a strong team of professionals, as well as world advanced technology, equipment are from European and American countries. We have built a domestic leading production workshop and a high-quality workforce. Our main business focuses on refrigeration filter elements, air compressor filters, hydraulic oil filter elements. The speciallized hydraulic pneumatic numerical control corrugator is used, and the pleat shape, pleat pitch, and pleat height are automatically folded and formed through the computer control to ensure accurate quality and longer duration.

Intermediate frequency welding machines guarantee the welding quality. The use of HV glass fiber imported from the United States and Aoslong filter paper from South Korea can greatly increase the impurity holding capacity of the filter element and extend the service life.

The factory’s strong emphasis on products and service supply is to support you in providing reasonable products and optimal solutions. This service is supported by a group of design, production, packing and shipping experts, each section is working on the sole purpose: Serve customers well.

Full support is offered with regard to design, quality control, customization, samples and other related products outsourcing, to ensure your satisfaction.

Filter Bag

Cartridge Filter

Candle Filter

Wound Filter

Sintered Filter

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