Polyester Needle Felt Dust Filter Bag for Dust Collector Systems

Filter Bag
Filter Sock
Material Anti-Static Polyester Fiber
CompositionFiber: Polyester;   Scrim:Polyester
Air Permeability80-100 M3/M2/S
Warp Tension800-1200N/5x20cm
Weft Tension1000-1600N/5x20cm
Warp Elongation<35%
Weft Elongation<55%
Resistive Surface4.8
YX10 Volume8.7
Maximum friction potential250
Surface Electric Core Density3.4
Ventilation Rate1.0-1.2m / min
Working TemperatureLess than 130oC
Normal Bag SizeDiameter:120-160mm or customized;  Length: 2000-7000mm or customized.
Resistance to AcidGood
Resistance to AlkaliCommon
Post TreatmentSingeing, Glazing, Teflon Coating
ApplicationCement Plant, Steel Mill, Phosphate Plant, Power Plant

Polyester Needle Felt Dust Filter Bag is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, building materials, power generation, ceramics, machinery, mining, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, dye, mining industries etc.It is currently the most ideal filtration materials for the room temperature conditions.                  

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