Dust Collector Bag Using Ryton 500G/M2 Water-Proof PPS Needle Punched Felt Filter Bag

Dust Collector Bag
Dust filter bag


Material  PPS Needle Felt 
Air Permeability80-100 M3/M2/S
Warp Tension800-1000N/5x20cm
Weft Tension1000-1200N/5x20cm
Warp Elongation<30%
Weft Elongation<30%
Ventilation Rate1.0-1.2m / min
Working Temperature≤170oC
Instant Temperature190-200oC
Resistance to AcidExcellent
Resistance to AlkaliExcellent
Post TreatmentSingeing, Calendering, PTFE digging or Water/Oil proof treatment.
ApplicationCement Plant, Steel Mill, Phosphate Plant, Power Plant
The PPS needle-punched felt filter bag is made by needle punching imported 100% PPS fiber. With its excellent acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, and wear resistance, the PPS fiber makes the composite felt reach 170 degrees Celsius in a short time. 190 degrees Celsius. Suitable for filtration of flue gas with high sulfur content such as thermal power, garbage incineration, coal-fired boilers, etc.


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