Refrigeration filter ESD 200 Fg2140-200 Replacement for Mycom oil filter used for Refrigeration Compressor Units

Refrigeration filter
refrigeration filter

Product Name TD ESD 200 FG2140-200 compatible with Wayakawa 
Material  Glassfiber
Application Refrigeration Equipments, Compressors
Function Remove Oil Impurities
Package PP bag inside, Inner carton, Export carton outside, or Wooden box as your requirement
Filtering Accuracy 10~30μm
Dimension  300 x 114 x 58 mm

Refrigeration filter FG2140-200 ESD200 is oil filter compatible with Mycom industrial compressors, or the equivalent equipment as the HVAC parts.  

Replacement Built-in refrigeration oil filters for Mycom are complete metal spare parts.

The end cover is machined or stamped. The skeleton is formed by cutting, rolling, welding and aligning. After surface treatment, the skeleton is made with close inspection.

The filter layer adopts 200 mesh 304 stainless steel filter mesh, 304 stainless steel filter mesh guarantees no new impurities such as rust while filtering impurities. The filter layer is formed by folding of the corrugator, and the seam of the filter layer is welded. The folding process greatly improves the ability of absorbing contamination, and its compression and recoil resistance are better, and the filtering accuracy is more stable.

Finally, CNC lathe is used to spin the end cap, skeleton and filter layer together without any adhesives, which can withstand refrigerant and refrigerating oil. Its filtering accuracy and pressure drop meet the requirements of the original plant, and can effectively control the cleanliness of refrigerated oil.

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